Arts Ed Listserve

ArtsEd is an automated listserve intended as a forum for teaching artists, artists in residence or arts educators for announcements and discussions of interest to the Georgia arts community.

Appropriate listings include local, state and national news affecting or helpful to arts educators and to the statewide arts in education community, notices of conferences and professional development opportunities, grants, job listings, policy issues, notice of openings, notices regarding organizational and special events and opportunities for arts activism and advocacy. Additional postings might include any items considered of general interest to the state’s arts educators or arts in education community, requests for referrals to resources or help with a specific issue or concern. The list is unmoderated so please use discretion when posting to help eliminate trivial and out of context material from polluting the list.

Subscribing to the ArtsEd list simply requires that you send an email to with “subscribe artsed” (minus the quotes and all lowercase) on the first line of the body of the message. Nothing needs to be in the subject: line and no other text should be in the body of the message. A short time after you’ve sent the subscribe message, you will receive an email that says the following:

Your request to subscribe artsed “your name” has been forwarded to the owner of the “artsed” list for approval. This could be for any of several reasons: You might have asked to subscribe to a “closed” list, where all new additions must be approved by the list owner. Or, you may be queried in our effort to deter anyone intending to post spam.

The message goes on to say that you will be notified once the list owner approves your request. After you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a welcome message that provides you with information on how to contact the list administrator and instructions on how to unsubscribe yourself from the list. You should be sure and keep this message for future reference. All messages to the list should be addressed to

If at any time you require assistance, please contact public domain at or contact ArtsGeorgia at